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5 Nights – 6 Days: Kelaniya Vibeeshana Temple, Dolukanda Sanjeewanee Drops, Kandy Temple of Tooth, Seetaa Amman Temple – At Seetha Eliya.

Kelaniya Vibeeshan Temple:

Kelaniya is a Buddhist sanctuary in the first place, because it is believed to be visited by the Buddha himself. Within the temple premises there is Hindu shrine, too• It is dedicated to Lord Vibhishana who was the younger brother of Ravana but during the legendary war on Lanka a supporter of Lord Rama, because he disapproved Ravana’s tresspass of Sita’s abduction.

Dolukand sanjeewanee Drops:

At different points of time during the war, both Lord Rama, Lakshmana was hit by powerful arrows, fell unconscious and bring them back to life Lord Hanuman was instructed to fetch the life saving herbs from Himalaya. Hanuman went to the hill, lifted the whole hill and brought it, as he was not able to identify the life-saving herbs alone. Parts from the hill fell on five places in Sri Lanka.

Kandy Temple of Tooth:

The Temple of the Sacred Tooth (Sri Dalada Maligawa) was originally built by the Kandyan Kings between 1687 and 1707, in order to house and honor the sacred tooth relic. The temple itself was badly damaged during the 18th century colonial wars against the Portuguese and Dutch. And the wooden structures were. Subsequently rebuilt using more robust stone. In more recent years. The temple was damaged by Hindu Tamil separatists in 1998, although once again, the tooth relic was unharmed.

Seetaa Amman Temple – At Seetha Eliya:

A temple for Raam, Seetaa, Lakshman, and Hanumaan. The Minimum time needed at the site 20 minutes. There is a stream by the side of the temple. Seetaa has said to have bathed in this stream. It is interesting to note that footprints akin to Hanumaan are found by this river and some are of small size and some are of large size, which tell us of the immense powers of Hanuman transforming himself into any size.

Seetha Tear Pond:

The Seetha tear pond is found en route by the chariot route, is believed to have been formed by the tears of Sitadevi and has not dried up since, even during severe droughts when the adjoining rivers dry up.


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